The story of a dog from a shelter

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One day in Greece I, Claudia, took my mother to an animal shelter, which was run by some animal lovers, because she wanted to adopt a dog again.
Looking around she saw a lot of puppies and the choice was difficult but she noticed a bitch that kept following her into the shelter. It was a very beautiful, thin and kind little creature. And that’s how the decision came about after a short while. The dog’s name was Lily and she was only two and a half years old when my mother adopted her. Little Lily quickly got used to her new environment and the company of our own dogs.
Near my mother, the little girl slowly transformed into a little devil that, with her cajolery, everybody succumbed to. But she was a very sweet and loving dog.
When my mother and Lily visited us for the New Year’s celebrations, we were expecting some surprises.

The first surprise was on New Year’s Eve when I had prepared a Rosto (900 g); I took it out of the oven in order to cool down a little and I went out of the kitchen for a while leaving the door open because our dogs had learnt not to go into the kitchen. When after a while I came back I saw the empty tray on the kitchen counter without a trace of meat. Clearly, I knew right away who the thief was. After a while, Lily came wagging her tail while licking her muzzle. I was really angry because I didn’t have anything to offer our guests. I wondered how it was possible for a dog of just 15 kilos to eat such a large piece of meat in five minutes. The next day I left a strawberry cake in the kitchen and in the afternoon to my great surprise I saw that on the platter there was nothing but crumbs.

At first, I thought perhaps my husband had eaten a piece and put the rest in the fridge. I asked him and my mother also, but no one knew anything except that they had seen the empty platter. Very quickly we realized who the thief was.

The third incident happened a few days later while taking a walk together. In front of us there was a husband and his wife who was holding a sandwich in her hand. Lily, seeing the sandwich in the woman’s hand, jumped and snatched it from the woman’s hand. I wished for the earth to open up and swallow me. While we were expecting a negative reaction, both of them were very relaxed and just asked us how the little one did such tricks.

That’s the story of the dog from the shelter!