The small scared Neyla

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We, Stefanie and Manfred Winkler, were in the small shelter our friend Thomas, when a little white dog caught our attention. When we asked Thomas about it we found out that no one wanted to adopt her, because she was very scared and wouldn’t let anyone caress her. It seems she has been abused a lot in the past and has been brutally treated, and that touched us very much. Who knows what she has been through in her life! And so we finally decided to adopt her and took her with us.

Of course we were aware that we had a difficult road ahead of us but that would not prevent us from taking on this job because we were determined to help her.

At first we bought her a child’s travel bed with the possibility of opening the front so she would decide for herself when to enter her nest and when not. The food and water containers were placed in front of the opening as well as the diaper for her needs.

Soon our little girl began to come out of her nest to explore her new space. Of course she realized very quickly that we had the best intentions towards her and she started to show confidence in us. After four weeks she accepted the first delicacy from my hand and after another week she accepted to put a lead on. This is how she started her first walks and very quickly learned to walk on a lead.

There were, however, also some days when she felt insecure and avoided us and didn’t even want to be caressed. Despite that, she enjoyed her daily walks with our other two dogs.

The little one has been living with us for six weeks now and day by day she shows us more confidence. We didn’t think she’d adapt in such a short time. Every day she runs up to us, happily wagging her tail.

Everyone who takes on an animal from a shelter receives countless joy. We’re glad we decided to give our little one a new home and we think our trouble was worth it.

In general, however, there are no problems with animals from shelters or with strays in general. They adapt quickly, are intelligent, kind and grateful and kind to people and children but also to other dogs and animals in general.