By undertaking animal protection in our animal welfare association PLAGIARI you are very much helping to save and protect animals in need.

Name a doc

With a one-time donation of 30 € you have the right to give a name to a dog. This money is used to cover vet charges for vaccination and pest protection. The name you chose will be listed in the vaccination booklet.

Feed a doc

With the undertaking of feeding, a large part of the diet is covered. Feeding an adult dog costs 15 € per month. A puppy amounts to 20 € per month as their food is more expensive. In this way you provide one of our animals with the adequate food and help in a substantial way as 100% of your contribution goes to our dogs.

You will receive a document for the nominal protection or feeding which will mention your name and the name of the dog you chose, along with a beautiful photo of the animal.

This undertaking is considered a donation and in accordance with income tax law §10 can be declared on your tax return. Of course you will receive the appropriate receipt for your tax office. If you want to stop the donation, just declare it four weeks in advance.

If you wish further updates or have any questions we are happy for you to contact us by phone.