Dr. Pavlos Tsachuridis, Auditing Treasurer

I was born in Greece and grew up with dogs and cats.
For over 40 years I have been living in Germany, where as a medical doctor,  I ran my own practice and clinic. Since my retirement, I’ve had more time and have been helping my wife with animal protection. I am aware of the animal problems in my country and I in turn want to offer something to change some things for the better.

For more information about me click on the following link: www.tsahuridis.de/

Rainer Hercik

My profession is a car mechanic and I worked for many years in the automotive industry. Later, I was involved in the field of medical technology. Ever since childhood we have always had dogs and we had birds from Australia (Gouldamadine). Now retired, I don’t just want to be involved with model trains, but I want to be more involved with animal protection. I am seriously concerned about the issues of stray animals.

Manfred  Winkler

My name is Manfred Winkler and I am a branch manager at a major supermarket chain. My wife and I have been active in animal protection for years. During our visits to Greece we met many animal lovers and animal protectors there. We were happy every time we visited the shelters and especially when we were welcomed by all the dogs there. For me, it is a desire of the heart to continue to support animals and animal lovers in the future.