Claudia Jung-Tsahuridis: President

As a former prima ballerina, I have travelled and danced in famous operas throughout the world.  On many of my travels I was confronted with the misery of stray animals in different parts of the world, which always caused me considerable suffering. Therefore, at the end of my career I began to deal more intensely with the issue of animal protection in Greece, together with my husband, a Greek doctor.  Thus the idea of the establishment of the association Tierschutz-Plagiari e.V. was born.

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Gabriele Hercik, 1st Vice President

I worked for many years as a managing director in an office. I’ve always had dogs and other companion pets at home. From various discussions with Claudia I knew that in Greece there are many problems with stray dogs and cats that are often left without food. And after a trip to Greece, I decided to take an active role in dealing with this.  For me too, it is a heartfelt desire to protect animals.

Stefanie Winkler, Treasurer and Communications Manager

As a specialist transport officer, mainly in the area of exports I have met many of our customers in Greece. Besides, my husband and I while holidaying in Greece, have seen many suffering animals and have met many animal lovers whom we supported as best we could.  Since then, I too have decided to actively belong to an animal welfare association. I am pleased that with the other voluntary members of our association we will be able to help animals that are suffering. I’m also involved in local animal protection.