Animals need people and so the PHILOZOIC ASSOCIATION PLAGIARI mediates for the adoption of stray animals from Greece. The requirements for such mediation is the authorisation §11 article 1 no.5 of the Animal Protection Act.

Of course, we are registered in Traces (Trade Control and Expert System) and we have the required license of § 11 in order to transport the animals to Germany. Traces is an information system for veterinary services connected online nationally and abroad.
Before transporting these dogs they are examined by a veterinarian and receive all necessary vaccinations, deworming and microchips. Blood tests are generally carried out for Mediterranean diseases.

EU travel regulations

  1. European pet passport
  2. Microchip with ID number
  3. Valid rabies vaccination with vaccination date and expiry date. In case of 1st vaccination; it must be at least 21 days before the animal crosses the border.
  4. The transport of puppies under 15 weeks is prohibited. First rabies vaccination in the 12th week + 21 days before crossing the border.

The European pet passport must bear the language of the issuing country and also in English.

Of course, people who are thinking of adopting a dog in the future must bear in mind the obligations they undertake. The average life of a dog is around 10 to 15 years so they will live with you for over a decade. Throughout these years but especially when they get older, animals need your love and care. Of course, your dog may even get sick one day, so you will encounter related expenses. Other expenses such as food, dog tax, insurance, dog school, veterinarian and perhaps medication and surgery, etc. must also be calculated over time.

Naturally, you can ask us any questions and we will gladly give you more information regarding adoption.
The exact procedures will be given to you orally.

After choosing a dog please fill in the questionnaire that you will be provided with.