Peter Feuser

My name is Peter Feuser and I was born in Cologne, Germany. For over 7 years I have been living in Thessaloniki Greece. Because on a daily basis I deal with the plight of stray animals here; I decided to take an active role in their protection and welfare. In my own animal shelter, I treat over 60 dogs and another 25 approximately that live on the street as strays. These animals were saved from certain death by myself and many other sensitive people. People often leave a lot of dogs outside my shelter. Despite the hard work I do and the emotional charge, it’s a matter of the heart to help animals in need. 

Thomas Mastoropoulos

My name is Thomas Mastoropoulos. I was born in Greece and I live in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki, near Thessaloniki. From a young age I lived with the misery of stray animals and therefore at one point I decided to help those animals living in my homeland. I maintain a shelter where I take care of about 120 animals and at the same time I take care of another 30 stray dogs on the street. The animals in my shelter were mainly saved by myself and some other animal-loving people who brought them to me. People often leave me animals outside the shelter. Despite the endless workload and the psychological pressures, I feel the need to continue helping these living creatures that are suffering.

Being an animal protector means full time work on a daily basis! Every day we have to make arrangement to feed and provide water for the animals within the shelter and for those on the street.  We have to collect animal waste and take care of cleanliness in general, which is very important to avoid any diseases from infections. You can imagine how long this takes for 60 or 120 dogs.

In addition, we need to clean their feeding containers, treat sick and injured animals and often take them to the vet. We often get calls regarding other needs or for injured animals that have been hit by a car and found on the road so we have to offer help quickly.

At times we have had to free animals from basements and our animal-loving associates have picked them up and taken them to their own shelters. Kittens have been found next to their slain mother or puppies in a miserable condition.

In all these cases we never leave any animal helpless.

When it comes to the distribution of food and water in our streets, the strays are already waiting because they know the time and the place where we go.  On occasion we happen to find a sick or injured dog that needs a visit to the vet. We then take it to the shelter and treat it according to the vets instructions. The psychological pressure is often not easy for us and our partners as you can appreciate.

In addition, there are often financial difficulties if you consider the costs of food, medicine, bandages, precautions for parasites, sterilization, etc. In addition, travel and transportation costs are needed.

But know that we and our partners will never give up and will always help these animals with great pleasure.